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At Restaurant Alentours, only three ingredients are sourced from further than 150 km – salt, yeast, and milk, all still from Eastern Canada.  Wines and ciders come from within a 250 km radius.  Priority is placed on those fermented on natural yeasts and issued from organic agriculture.  Likewise, beers are brewed with 90% local malts and all spirits are grain-to-bottle from Québec.

The entire business runs on 100% hydro-electric energy.

All organic waste materials from food scraps to used paper towels are composted. 


Team members share equal salaries and equal shares of tips.  In this cooperative endeavor, cooks greet guests at the door, sommeliers wash dishes, and everyone lends each other a helping hand.

We currently work with 64 independent farmers, vetted for sustainable practices and a shared commitment to the governing values of the restaurant.

Alentours exists to elevate the standard of a sustainable restaurant.

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